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Subject: Love iz OVER-RATED...
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liyaliya 23.12.10 - 05:50am
forsaken.GIF ...wen u r a heart breaker.... *

wkdklwnn 29.04.11 - 01:31pm
I would say love is useless:strait up //if love was real when you feel that warm feeling you would bee truthful2that person ::now given the cir tances I was:: I ran over countless beautiful women::so I'd say n myheart I truely believe love doesnt exist for me:. *

ejay 9.06.12 - 01:00pm
I dnt think luv even exists,i wud leave dat fools who daydream about meeting prince charming. *

chinnie1 16.06.12 - 02:44pm
i broke up wit my boyfrd yesterday and i never knw dat a heartbrk could b so painful. All i knw is luv can b bittersweet *

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