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Subject: warning
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annannn 27.10.13 - 09:25pm
b very careful whn in ch8n,we so naive tat we trust the next prsn whole hartedly,tat as tym goes by we hav felins.den they cry wolf, feel sori 4 pple sayin they stuck in a country and need moni,either 4 atym so as 2 ch8 or 2 com dwn whn they already in yr own country,esp.military men who says they gentlemen,honest,dnt drnk,& has retired and has 2 com hme 2 sign docs personally so as 2 paybk evry cent u helped hm in.he somtyms says he need moni 4 tombstone bcoz of loosin a warveteran & he isnt here 2 do it,so dep in2 his mothers acc.he also lied whn he vanished frm my hme leavin a note sayin his mom inlaw died,whn she stil alive.&he had 2 leav 2 beirut,whn he is seen by al my cousins.al u gud pple plz b careful,dnt feel sori 4 any1 bt yrslf.he is on many a ch8 sites *

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